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Hello, my name is Faris. Also known as Ais.
I'm a fullstack software engineer with more than 10 years of experience.
I'm currently working as System Engineer at GoTo Financial (GoTo Group - known before as GoJek Group) based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Experienced with several programming languages & technologies, such as:
GoTypescriptJavascriptPythonJavaShell scriptReactJSNextJSHTML5CSS3PostgreSQLMongoDBRedisGRPCREST ApiWebSocketPrometheusGrafana
I'm so grateful that for the last 10 years of my software engineering journey, I'm able to play & implement:
DockerKubernetesNginxHAProxyTerraformAnsibleGoogle Cloud PlatformAmazon Web ServicesDigital OceanMonolithicMicroservicesDistributed Systems
My current interests and experiments are:
Stock market analysis using PythonBlockchain
You can drop me a message into my email at faris@monolog.idif you have any project or any questions. I would love to hear them. :)
Develop with ❤️ in Indonesia.
I make this personal website as an open-source project.
You can use it by clicking this link and follow its steps.